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Practical Environmental Engineering Solutions, Defensible ResultsWith more than 150 years of expertise delivering innovative environmental planning and management services, MWH engineers have managed some of the world’s most complex and technologically advanced environmental projects.  We have handled the clean up and closure of industrial sites and military bases; selected routes for major pipelines, power lines, telecommunications and highways; prepared sites in industrial, urban and suburban areas; and managed environmental wastewater treatment plants and networks.

As one of the leading environmental management companies, we:

  • Offer complete environmental planning, liaison, soil survey and remediation, demolition management, design and construction, permitting, monitoring and compliance auditing.
  • Combine a practical business approach with extensive environmental experience to develop and implement realistic and achievable environmental management plans.
  • Help clients improve overall environmental performance, and minimize environmental impacts and liabilities.

Our experienced, multi-disciplined civil and environmental engineering experts help our clients meet challenges by:

  • Using proven strategies for early stakeholder and regulator involvement in permit approval processes.
  • Preventing costly rework and retrofitting of late-stage solutions through the identification of potential “show-stoppers” in the planning and design phases.
  • Producing high-quality, credible and scientifically defensible data to negotiate appropriate outcomes with regulators.
  • Reducing long-term liabilities by improving environmental compliance.
  • Increasing management confidence by using industry best practices for activities critical to environmental protection and worker health and safety.
  • Implementing sustainable solutions that address a wide range of environmental challenges, including chemical hazards; waste handling and disposal; energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions; and air, water and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Realizing cost savings through best management practices.

A Partner in Environmental Planning and Assessment

MWH helps clients navigate through the maze of complex regulatory challenges by providing detailed environmental impact assessments that quickly identify and refine alternative solutions.  We provide rigorous environmental risk assessments, remedial investigations and feasibility studies to identify and evaluate options and validate mitigation strategies.

Our environmental audits provide high-quality due diligence and reliable data for acquisitions and mergers, divestiture, closure, waste management, and environmental, health and safety compliance.

We have a proven track record in partnering with our clients to create and maintain a cooperative working environment with regulators to ensure ongoing compliance and facilitate waste management, pollution control and cost-effective closures.

We work closely with clients to develop and implement sustainable environmental management plans that include:

  • State-of-the art monitoring programs.
  • Early stakeholder engagement to ensure acceptance by government agencies, land owners, businesses and the broader community.
  • Fast-track due diligence to identify and prioritize compliance matters and close out liabilities shortly after acquisition.
  • Design and implementation of effective, cost-efficient remediation projects that meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk.
  • Integration of environmental solutions into their overall organization.

We offer the expertise and tools to facilitate quick and efficient business acquisitions, property transfers and new facility construction.  Our solutions manage liabilities, facilitate rapid decision-making and take a structured, logical approach to cost-effective and safe facility closure, decontamination and demolition.

At MWH, we are passionate about helping our clients plan and manage environmental challenges, embrace technical advancements and keep our planet healthy for future generations.  Because we are a global company, we are readily able to transfer new and innovative ideas to our projects by sharing proven solutions from around the world.  If there is a difficult environmental problem to be solved, chances are we have seen it and solved it before.

MWH helps create and shape sustainable communities through urban design assessments and research, growth management strategies, plan reviews, policy development, identification of infrastructural needs investments and land use responses.

Environmental Planning and Management Services

  • Environmental planning and management
  • Acquisition/new construction
  • Asset evaluation
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Environmental planning and regulatory approvals
  • Ecology and natural resources management
  • Regulatory and H&S compliance audits
  • Operational improvement
  • Integration planning
  • Divestiture                           
  • Site remediation and demolition and decontamination
  • Site investigation, design and execution
  • Corporate governance and sustainability
  • Urban planning
  • Native forest management plan
  • Closure planning for mining
  • Environmental management during construction
  • International finance organization compliance audit
  • Infrastructure permitting and environmental impact assessments
  • Risk assessment
  • Waste management planning

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