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Our off-gas treatment solutions strive to deliver maximum plant reliability and availability as well as low total costs (operating and investment costs).

The scrubbing of off-gases from production processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries often poses unique problems for operators. In many cases, problematic off-gas flows (corrosive and dust-laden) are produced that can only be disposed of efficiently and safely using a specially designed off-gas treatment facility. It goes without saying that this must be done in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

In addition to these special designs, such as corrosion-resistant regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO), we also offer conventional incineration technologies and special disposal methods, such as the safe treatment of explosive off-gases with our proven TAREX® system. We take a holistic approach to the development of the disposal concept and can draw on far more than decades of experience with the operation of our own facilities.

Our comprehensive know-how and in-depth knowledge of approval processes enable us to handle the entire process for you, from the development of the off-gas treatment concept to plant design to commissioning.

Discover our proven and sustainable technology solutions for off-gas treatment:

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