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1Source Safety and Health, Inc.

Environmental-Related Disease


Investigative services are needed when there are individuals with similar health symptoms, a 'cluster', or a disproportionate number of diseases in a building or a common workplace. Along with our partners, Board Certified Occupational Health Physician, Elissa Ann Favata, MD, building systems engineers, and PhD. microbiologists to perform the evaluations, 1Source professionals will identify or rule out the potential contributors or the cause and origin of a building related disease or illness clusters. 1Source also provides expert witness services.

  • Legionella Investigations
  • Illness & Cancer Cluster Studies
  • Organizational Acquired Illness Programs
  • Construction Control Plans
  • Expert Witness Support
  • Aspergillosis Investigations
  • Endotoxin Exposure
  • Avian Related Diseases

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