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Environmental Remediation Services


Under Title 15A NCAC, degraded groundwater quality shall be restored to state standards or as closely thereto as is economically and technologically feasible. OMNI can provide assistance in remediation system design for corrective action. Modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport is often required in support of permitting activities and guidance in remediation design. OMNI has the expertise to conduct groundwater modeling analyses with thorough evaluation of input parameters, model protocols, data analysis and interpretation, and preparation of comprehensive summary reports.

Groundwater Remediation
Contaminated groundwater remediation requires a detailed assessment of alternatives to identify the optimal cost-efficient solution. OMNI has experience in remediation design including onsite groundwater treatment and air stripper towers. OMNI has the technical capacity to install and monitor groundwater quality and complete the process through long term assessment or site closure.

Phase II and III Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
OMNI employs a phased approach to investigation and remediation of contaminated property sites. The following two phases represent the actions taken once there is a reason to suspect that a problem exists: A Phase II environmental site assessment is designed to use standard investigative methods to better define areas of concern or to obtain evidence to set these concerns aside. A Phase III environmental site assessment is initiated when significant contamination is encountered during Phase II ESA. During the Phase III, the magnitude of the contamination is quantified through detailed site characterization activities so that an adequate data base can be applied to the remediation of the contamination. OMNI works closely with the client to develop the most cost-effective and technically-sound approach for remediation when contaminants have been identified on a property.

Soil Remediation Services
Leaking underground storage tanks can lead to soil and ground water contaminations which exceed state standards and initiate remediation activities. OMNI has the expertise to evaluate site conditions and implement technically-sound approaches to achieve compliance. OMNI can find the optimal remediation solution within the wide variety of existing technologies, ranging from bioremediation and in situ remediation to soil excavation.

Underground Storage Tank Closures
Experts have estimated the number of underground storage tanks (USTs) to be between one and three million units. Approximately 100,000 to 400,000 of these are leaking. Most incidents of release are not reported even though leaking USTs are the number one ground water contamination problem in the country. OMNI is prepared to help the client determine the extent of damages from leaking USTs. OMNI's professional team can provide expert services for contamination remediation.

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