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Environmental research may help your environmental management programme. Typical examples are baseline studies to underpin assessment work or environmental monitoring to establish that environmental mitigation measures are effective. Often, such study programmes are a regulatory requirement or a permitting condition while they may also be commitments made as part of the impact assessment of projects.

In some jurisdictions (e.g. for the Norwegian offshore industry) environmental monitoring requirements are precisely defined, but often there exists considerable freedom to shape environmental research programmes. There are therefore exciting opportunities to develop environmental monitoring programmes that extend the existing environmental database in time or in space by latching on to on-going programmes that are already being carried out by environmental research institutes or organisations or by competitor companies.

We can help define and optimise environmental research programmes that you need to or may want to carry out. Essentially, we follow a risk-based approach but we also look for synergies with existing research programmes.

Quite often, the requirement for environmental studies has a strong 'make work' motivation. The challenge is then to devise a programme that delivers value to your organisation or company as well as to host country institutions. We have often seen challenging opportunities for environmental research programmes that combine local and investor country research strengths.

Above we focussed on environmental research in direct support of your business operations. Naturally, there is also more strategically orientated environmental research that may be of value to you in the longer term. Quite often it makes sense to carry out such work in conjunction with other parties, as there is rarely a real competitive advantage to be gained to go it alone, unless of course your business is in environmental conservation and management.

We see a role as an advisor to your organisation or company to help you identify and define the potential (business) value of strategic research and development work and to identify potential partners. Also, we can provide critical review of research and development programmes and proposals.

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