Environmental Science Services

Assessment of potential fate and effects of chemical substances entering the environment is a key part of the regulatory submission and registration process.

TSGE’s environmental science team ensures regulatory data requirements are met by performing environmental modelling, designing testing strategies, assessing exposure potential, setting endpoints for risk characterisation and recommending mitigation measures to ensure products from all chemical sectors are safe when used responsibly.

Our team brings together specialists in environmental fate modelling, ecotoxicology and risk assessment. All have a wealth of expertise gained from experience in industry, research facilities and government organisations.

Our ecotoxicology specialists have successfully represented clients at EFSA and ECHA meetings, provided novel and accepted mitigation measures and risk reduction cases, applied read-across and data waiving approaches to reduce aquatic vertebrate testing.

Our exposure specialists have broad experience interpreting studies on the fate and behaviour of active substances in the environment and conducting representative modelling exercises to quantify exposure using standard and higher tier models for use in environmental risk assessments in the crop protection, biocides, REACH and animal health regulatory areas.

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