Environmental Services


Particulate Emissions Management: Around the globe, FilterSense products help factories reduced particulate matter emissions by thousand of pounds per year. All particulate, whether in the form of PM 2.5, PM 10 or larger, is hazardous to the environment. FilterSense provides essential solutions for improving fabric filter design, monitoring emissions, maintaining air pollution control systems, and meeting today’s EPA regulations such as Title V, MACT and PS 11 for stack particulate emissions.

Indoor Plant Air Quality Management
FilterSense products are also used for monitoring and controlling air filtration systems that filter particulate and dust from production areas and then re-circulate the air back into the work place. FilterSense sensors detect the onset of problems in these filters that protect the air plant employees breathe and helping facilities meet OSHA requirements for indoor air quality.

Mercury Removal
The removal of hazardous mercury from coal fired power plants is reliant upon the integrity and performance of the filter media as techniques such as activated carbon injection involve combining mercury with particles and capturing the particulate. If particulate is emitting to atmosphere, mercury is also emitting to atmosphere. FilterSense's advanced baghouse performance analyzers, controllers, and software are the most effective solutions for optimizing the collection efficiency of fabric filter particulate emission control systems.

Dry Scrubbing NOX and SOX
Dry scrubbing technology is most effective with the proper amount of lime cake on the filter media. FilterSense’s B-PAC Controls with IntelliPULSE filter cleaning technology maintain filter cake depth enhancing the effectiveness of dry scrubbing technology.

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