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Anew’s environmental focus is two-fold: Environmental Consulting for hazardous and toxic materials and energy consulting for building performance and financial savings. Anew provides environmental consulting services to help our clients assess air quality and educate our clients and workers about safety issues related to compliance with state and federal regulations while renovating properties. It is our mission to provide education to home and business owners about the risks of lead and asbestos exposure.

Anew is a licensed as an asbestos inspector and abatement specialist. We work closely with licensed abatement specialists to follow state and federal guidelines required to safely remove and dispose of these toxic materials.

We are also an EPA Lead Certified Renovator. It is our goal to help educate the importance of the safety of lead exposure particularly in the affordable housing market which have been found to a be a great health hazard, especially to young children.

Besides environmental safety issues, Anew has a goal to help educate our clients about the importance of sustainability and increasing building performance the installation of energy-efficient materials. Windows, roofing, insulation, and siding and energy saving appliances are all an important component of the cost effective proposals we provide to our clients.

We have embraced emerging technology that can demonstrate energy saving plans like blower door testing and have followed up with proposals on how these plans can be effectively implemented.

Health and safety, along with cost effective planning and execution is the environmental mission of Anew. Call us for free consultation and we will help you determine your best plan of action.

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