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We believe there are a number of aspects to our philosophy and capabilities that distinguish us as an environmental site assessment and remediation consulting source. Although Phase I and Phase II ESA related services require a specific set of skills, the ability to provide comprehensive environmental consulting services for our clients as part of a remediation project is also of great importance. Our approaches are designed from the outset to address the basis of exposure and toxicology first in a simple screening approach and then, only if necessary, from a scientific literature perspective and site-specific realities.

Risk-Driven Site-Investigation Approach: 

Our planning focuses on site investigations which are “risk-driven.” This approach allows us to identify the most efficient and cost-effective site remedy at the outset of the investigation. Our risk-driven approach prevents the collection of unnecessary field data and fosters a negotiating stance with regulators that minimizes the potential for major expansions of scope later.

Primary Attention to Realistic Approaches: 

The key limitation of the typical practice of site assessment is the naive use of guidance as legal directive and the simplistic use of inappropriate and/or overly-conservative cleanup goals or standards rather than realistic approaches to estimate exposure and potential health risk.

Environmental Compliance Resources:

Cornerstone provides a complete range of environmental services with our staff of over fifty employees.

The purpose of a Phase I ESA is to identify, to the extent feasible, Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC’s) in connection with a site, and will provide a professional opinion as to the potential for contamination from hydrocarbon or hazardous waste to exist, which may require remedial action.

The Phase I ESA general scope of work includes:

  • A physical inspection of the site for surface conditions and potential environmental problems or suspect contamination areas. Conditions of adjoining properties, to the extent they can be observed from the site, are also noted.
  • A review of available property records and/or other information to establish past land usage.
  • Interviews with property owners, occupants or other key site managers are conducted to obtain information about uses and conditions at the site.
  • A review of available information and data from Federal, State and local sources as to listings under CERCLA, FINDS, ERNS, RCRA, UST, LUST and other federal or state programs for the ASTM-specified vicinity in which the site is located.

Phase II ESAs are conducted in order to obtain further understanding of the potential environmental liabilities for a property and the financial impacts of such liabilities, and involve the collection and analysis of soil, groundwater, and/or site building materials to assess the presence and extent of hazardous chemicals that are suspected or have been identified during the Phase I assessment.

The findings of the Phase I ESA can typically be used to develop the scope of work for the Phase II investigation, if needed. If the Phase I ESA identifies potential hazardous substances, a Phase II ESA is usually conducted to confirm the presence or extent of contamination.

Phase I and Phase II ESA’s can sometimes provide indicators that merit investigation of vapor intrusion, which is generally not included in the typical scope of work; however, Cornerstone is able to provide these services upon request.

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