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Through the assessment process, Ridgeline's consultants will help your company navigate its environmental requirements, efficiently and without adding unnecessary cost. Each type of environmental assessment targets a specific inquiry and may be implemented separately or in combination, depending on your site situation. If an assessment determines that remediation is required, you can count on Ridgeline to recommend and deliver the right solution. Ridgeline's environmental consultants use the ESA data collected at your well site to identify contamination issues and recommend and implement the most effective solution possible. We perform Phase I, II and III ESAs in accordance with Canadian Standards Association and Alberta Environment regulations.

A Phase I ESA identifies actual or potential sources of well site contamination. To prepare your report, Ridgeline will analyze data collected through a desktop records review, a site visit, and interviews with landowners, leaseholders, site operators and other stakeholders

A phase II ESA confirms the presence and types of impacts at your property. Assessments involve analysis of past site activities and soil sampling at predetermined locations and depths. We may also use electromagnetic (EM) technology to quickly identify areas of concern.

If your Phase II ESA indicates contamination levels above regulatory criteria, a Phase III ESA well site remediation program is required. Ridgeline's environmental consultants will provide you with a number of treatment or disposal options for the specific types and concentrations of impacted material at your property.

Pre-Disturbance Site Assessment (PDSA)
PDSAs are conducted after your well site survey and before construction begins to collect baseline biological data for future reference. Biotic and abiotic components are observed, sampled and recorded.

Detailed Site Assessments (DSA)
Once reclamation is complete a DSA must be completed to determine if the reclaimed wellsite meets AESRD Reclamation Criteria. The completed DSA will then be included in your application for a Reclamation Certificate to AESRD.

Enhanced Approval Process (EAP)
The EAP is a part of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Developments (AESRD) mandate to ensure sustainable resource development on public lands in Alberta. The EAP is the application process for the issuance of upstream oil and gas development related surface land dispositions on public land by AESRD. The EAP provides consistent background information, standards, requirements, and guidelines for development planning. Aspects of the EAP include identifying landscape sensitivities, approval standards, mitigation plans and best management practices to reduce the environmental impact of your operation during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases of your well or infrastructure site's lifecycle.

Environmental Impact Assesments (EIA)
Project cancellation, redesign, or relocation is costly. An EIA identifies issues and concerns before they occur so the effects can be minimized or prevented altogether. Ridgeline will analyze proposed projects for potential impacts on the environment, people, or their ecological communities.
Ridgeline Environment also provides EIA Review services for Alberta Environment regarding projects awaiting approvals.

Surface Water, Wetland And Biological Assessments
These include chemical characterization of surface water, wetland assessment and classification, watercourse crossing assessments and limnological assessments. Ridgeline also provides terrestrial biological surveys and endangered species habitat assessments.

Waterwell Testing
Ridgeline has extensive experience in scouting for and locating, sampling and flow testing water wells, particularly in coal bed methane (CBM) operations. Ridgeline will provide environmental mapping and ERCB notification for well applications prior to CBM drilling operations in accordance with AER Directive 35, as well as final reporting as required by AESRD.

Electromagnetic Surveys (EM Surveys)
While grid sampling is a costly and time-consuming option, electromagnetic maps point to areas of apparent high conductivity and can help stakeholders identify and target potential areas of concern.

General Sampling And Analysis
Ridgeline's environmental consultants will sample and characterize soil, water or any other medium at your site to identify contamination issues and recommend and implement an optimal solution.

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