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Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are an integral part of the property acquisition process.A Phase I ESA is designed to discover activities or conditions, past or present, which may represent a potential environmental risk. The EPA passed new regulations governing ESAs called 'All Appropriate Inquiry' (AAI) rules and the ASTM also revised its ESA standards. There are strict requirements on the experience and education of persons performing ESAs and the amount of effort and information that must be included in the assessment report. GeoSci personnel are all fully trained in these requirements.

Should a Phase I ESA reveal potential environmental risks, a Phase II investigation may be warranted. A Phase II usually involves sampling and/or testing of soil and/or groundwater based on information discovered during Phase I research, such as historical UST (underground storage tank) use or proximity to other waste sources.

GeoSci personnel have performed hundreds of ESAs in the North Carolina Piedmont. This experience, and an accumulated knowledge of potentially adverse conditions, allows the firm to provide quality reports in a relatively short period of time. The firm's expertise in field sampling and investigations means potential savings of both time and money - critical factors in most real estate transactions.

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