Nuverra Environmental Solutions

Nuverra Environmental Solutions

Environmental Solutions

Nuverra Environmental Solutions is a national environmental solutions company balancing efficiency and sustainability through responsible practices. We provide comprehensive, full–cycle environmental solutions — resources, capabilities and ideas — that protect environmental sustainability, enhance the operations of our client partners and advance American energy independence. We proudly and passionately deliver unmatched and innovative environmental solutions, 
and the depth of our commitment is clearly visible within the industries 
that we serve.

Nuverra specializes in serving a national footprint of customers that demand the highest level of environmental compliance and accountability from their service providers. With more than 3,000 employees, Nuverra operates in more than 70 locations across 26 states, servicing more than 20,000 customers within two distinct end markets.


  • Fresh water to drilling sites for hydraulic fracturing
  • Waste water produced by well completion from sites
  • Solid waste produced by well drilling & completion
  • Collect used motor oil and antifreeze from customer locations


  • Reprocess used motor oil into Reprocessed Fuel Oil
  • Oily waste water collection & recycling
  • Used oil filter collection & recycling
  • Antifreeze collection & remanufacturing
  • Expanding our treatment, recycling, reprocessing products/services that are critical to upstream oil and natural gas operators


  • Disposal of waste water in state-regulated disposal wells
  • Look at additional disposal options, including for solid waste

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