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Equipment Control & Optimisation


Many items of equipment in the food processing, pharmaceutical and speciality chemicals industries such as evaporators, dryers and powder milling systems are now fitted with modern SCADA systems for control and monitoring of performance. In many cases control is limited to single PID loops controlling local plant variables and overall control of the unit is carried out by an operator adjusting setpoints to meet local operating requirements such as product specifications or target throughput.

KPS can help companies improve operation of such equipment with their patented IntelliPlant control technology which automates the control and optimisation of such plant to meet predefined operating objectives.

Optimisation technology

The control and optimisation technology includes the ability to develop statistical models of equipment behaviour relating plant variables to key variables such as product quality specifications based on the analysis of historical operating data. Models are based on KPS data mining technology and can be non-linear and relate the combined effects of multiple variables on plant performance.

The statistical models are implemented within an optimisation algorithm to determine the best plant setpoints to achieve a defined objective such as satisfying quality constraints whilst maximising throughput.


The advantages of the IntelliPlant Controller are that it can be implemented on complex processes with interactions between multiple variables and non-linear behaviour. The models derived are transparent and are readily updated by feedback from the plant. The typical benefits include reduced out of specification material, increased production rates, tighter control of product quality as well as reduced operator intervention.

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