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- Cardboard shredding

Makes even the biggest mountains of cardboard into molehills! Working with a cardboard shredder cardboard shredders in dutycardboard shredders examples Every year, Germany produces around 10 million tonnes of cardboard and paperboard for the packaging industry. After their use, these items of cardboard packaging and boxes must then be reduced in volume before passing through the recycling process. This volume reduction step is performed by recycling companies and public recycling depots or in cardboard packaging and corrugated board factories. Reasons for volume reduction: Reducing costs of transportation Optimum compression of material for feeding to existing pressed-waste containers or baling presses Shredding of material for conveyor belt feeding For these requirements, ERDWICH has developed a specialised product range – the EKZ and FKZ cardboard shredders – which can be supplied in a range of sizes.

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