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Erosion Control Services

The control of the transfer or movement of soil is commonly known as erosion control. This can be accomplished by establishing a soft cover of vegetation, redirecting flow channels or constructing hard surface structures. Sanco provides professional design and installation of all of these methods and more.

Job Site

Control job site erosion with temporary or permanent controls, using erosion control blankets, grass sod or silt fence. Dust controls are available with a variety of dust control chemicals or soil tackifiers.

Creek Channel

Channel protection can be obtained through the use of hard or soft textured surfaces. The hard surface installations can be slope control structures, check dams or channel linings. Soft textures are developed by the use of permanent reinforcement netting and selected plant material.


The effects of wave action on lake and other shoreline areas can be controlled by installing a variety of erosion control systems. These range from the use of Bio-Logs and Reno Mattress to Sea Walls and Rip-Rap. Protection of the shoreline is serious business and requires thorough planning. Most lakes and shorelines are governed by the Corps of Engineers. An application for the installation of new shore line control must be permitted through their agency.

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