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Scott Specialty Gases offers eScott Online Supply Chain Management - There is no other specialty gas cylinder management tool like this in the world. In short, eScott maintains all there is to know about the gases you use, and makes that information available on demand, 24/7. The result: you reduce your purchasing cost, simplify your records keeping, minimize your on-site cylinder inventory and maintain immediate access to critical documentation such as Certificates of Accuracy or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

  • Secure, Private Web Pages - current and historical information about all the Scott products you use.
  • Custom Product FOLIO™ - contains all the specs and contract pricing for all the products you order.
  • Easy Product Reordering - speeds up your ordering process by reducing labor and paperwork, eliminates clerical errors and ensures a steady supply of materials to keep your running smoothly.
  • Electronic Invoicing - eliminates paperwork and clerical errors.
  • Real-Time Order Status - up-to-the-minute information so you always know when your order will ship.
  • Cylinder Return Scheduling and Reporting - reduces labor and paperwork, and helps prevent paying excess cylinder rental on depleted cylinders.
  • Certificates of Accuracy - online all the time to eliminate lost documentation.
  • Expired Certification Alerts - warn you when cylinders are nearing the end of their certification period.
  • Low Cylinder Pressure Notification - warn you when pressure in cylinders in your inventory is low . . . particularly helpful for EPA protocol gases that cannot be used after pressure falls below 150 psi.
  • Cylinder Location/Pressure Report - record information to help manage on-site cylinder inventory.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets - online and at your finger tips for added safety.

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