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ESP Program


An essential part of user safety, our mission is to assess the interactive behavior of molecules and their interactive effect with the Flex filtration technology. Based on this scientific investigation, your E.S.P. specialist will recommend the most appropriate unit, configure the appropriate filtration column and enclosure to ensure complete protection to the user. After installation, your E.S.P. specialist will provide you with constant monitoring of the unit to be sure your ductless fume hood is at optimal performance.


Determine the most appropriate filtering fume hood for total safety during your handlings

Assisted by an E.S.P. agent, you complete the investigation questionnaire, which precisely describes your intended chemical handlings. Our validation laboratory specialists will recommend the appropriate filtration fume hood and filter type. Personalized advice and accurate answer within 48 hours. A certificate validating the handling is supplied: real commitment of the manufacturer to the safety of the operator.


Certify and secure the usage framework at installation

When you receive your Captair filtering fume hood, a usage certificate will give precise details on the chemicals to be used, the filter type and an estimation of its lifetime expectancy, for which your Captair filtering fume hood has been validated. This certificate is a permanent reminder to the user or the safety officer of the data relating to their protection.


A constant monitoring of your filtering fume hood.

Periodically (about every six months), the E.S.P. agent will contact you to make sure that you have not changed your handlings and that the filter is still active. The E.S.P. agent will show you how to perform a step by step filter saturation test and also the procedure for filter replacement. During this contact, if the E.S.P.  agent finds that there is a change in chemical handlings, you will be asked to complete a new questionnaire (see step 1). After review, a new certificate for use (to be placed on the front of the filtering fume hood) naming the approved chemicals will be sent to you to ensure that your chemical handlings are still performed within optimum safety conditions.

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