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EV Battery Recycling



Kinsbursky Brothers is committed to the future recycling of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (EV and HEV) batteries. With our joint venture partner Toxco (world's largest recycler of lithium batteries) we can offer a single source for the worlds most comprehensive and efficient battery management program to date. Kinsbursky Brothers can provide recycling for all battery types and sizes including those considered hazardous or reactive. Currently Kinsbursky Brothers services several major EV and HEV manufacturers. Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc. and their partner also receive EV and HEV batteries and/or cells from various manufacturers who have strong ties to the auto industry.

Kinsbursky Brothers offers recycling of all types and sizes of electric vehicle batteries. Our services, combined with logistical capabilities, battery safety programs, consumer education programs, and battery consulting, makes KBI the most comprehensive single source of battery management in the United States. Kinsbursky Brothers, Inc. has long history of environmental responsibility, safety, and the highest quality of service within the industry.

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