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Evaporative Cooling Services


Evaporative Cooling occurs when water changes its state from liquid to vapour and requires an input of heat energy, which is known as the latent heat of evaporation. Industrial heat rejection requirements employ Cooling Towers or Evaporative Condensers as the most efficient and cost effective method by maximising the contact between air and the water to be cooled. Typically, Cooling Towers require 64% less power to reject a given amount of heat than alternative” dry methods”. As a consequence they are quieter and take up considerably less space.


Cooling towers used in evaporative cooling water systems and domestic hot and cold water systems are a common source of legionella. The disease is transmitted via the inhalation of mist droplets containing the bacteria. The use of UV water treatment ensures that 99.99% of all bacteria that may be present in the water inside the cooling tower are killed, keeping the water clean and free from contamination. By utilising System Uvex ® with its patented method of filtration and Ultraviolet light, cooling towers can be kept clean and free from contamination without the need for toxic chemicals. They also consume water, 1.5m_/h for every 1mW of heat rejected!, but by utilising rainwater harvesting and System Uvex ®, “Evapsave”™ (patent pending) blowdown or bleed off recovery system, water loss can be reduced to a minimum.

Range of Services:

System Uvex Ltd offer a comprehensive range of services designed to ensure your evaporative cooling system is designed, installed and maintained in the most cost effective, energy efficient and compliant way.

  • Design and development
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Maintenance
  • System Review

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