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Extraneous Waters Monitoring Campaign Services


Infiltration and drainage in sewer networks are both directly and indirectly responsible of the contamination of urban water environment, either on the surface or in the deep, and of the management problems of the network and the treatment plants. Under these conditions and as a response to specific regulatory constraints (eg. April 3, 2006 Legislative Decree No 152 “Regulations on the environment”), the managers of urban drainage networks have to do a serious planning of interventions, leading in a short time to reach a better knowledge of the networks. Knowledge means, above all, an easier and better management, but also the possibility of a more effective control of the sewer network, for example for emergency situations.

The extraneous waters monitoring activity of BM IDRODATA, a division of BM Tecnologie Industriali, is composed of 3 steps:

  1. Project of the monitoring campaign:
    1. mapping of the sewer macrobasin and measuring points;
    2. choose of the most suitable measuring devices, depending on the sewer networks features;
  2. Monitoring Campaign:
    1. validation of the measuring points, in agreement with the water company, by surveys for checking the water conditions and the safety measures to be taken in the field to install the devices in the sewer network;
    2. installation of area-velocity devices for continuous monitoring of water level, velocity, flow rate and temperature. This activity is completed by a survey of the sewer in which the measuring devices will be installed;
    3. check every two weeks of all the measuring points in order to verify: the working status of the measuring point, the status of the devices’ batteries, replacing them if necessary, and the temporary data logging;
    4. devices removal after the monitoring period, after checking the quality of the signal in every measuring point.
  3. Results of the extraneous waters search:
    1. analysis of the logged signal in every measuring point and water balance of every sewer macrobasin;
    2. technical and descriptive relation of the monitoring campaign and its results, including the monography of the sewer in which the measuring devices were installed, of the main signals of level, velocity, flow rate ad temperature, either in dry or rainy weather, results of water balances and identification of the macrobasins with a more critical condition of extraneous waters;
    3. graphic, in suitable scale, with cartographical indication of the measuring points and criticity mapping of the for every sewer macrobasin.

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