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Extrusion Services


In the fabrication of technology metals, H.C. Starck is well ahead of the field. Our extensive and growing expertise in metal and alloy extrusion out paces the competition. Whether forming complex profiles, cross-sections or simply making tubes, H.C. Starck’s core competencies are well-known in the marketplace. Our range of flexibility encompasses almost any size and near-net-shape in almost any metal you can imagine.

Together with our many other strengths, we have garnered a special position in the manufacturing world. With piping, for example, we are one of the few suppliers worldwide able to extrude pipe with integral flanges. 

Efficient use of materials, close attention to quality and a flexible production program mean that we can often deliver a first class product precisely to customer specifications in as little as two weeks after receipt of order.

Our customers derive great benefit from our integrated supply package, where we can procure the material, make the billet, extrude it and finish it for market. So whether it’s heat treatment, cleaning, straightening or simply cutting, the customer receives everything from a “single source”.

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