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Fats, Oils And Grease (FOG)



Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) are deposited in our sewer systems, septic tanks, grease traps, water treatment systems and processing plants. FOG requires countless hours of maintenance for cleanup and causes malfunctions of essential water collection and treatment equipment for municipal and industrial operations. Our microbial formula for FOG reduction has been proven very effective in remediating grease-filled collection systems including sewer lines, lift stations and grease traps. Treatment of grease traps with EnviRemed bacteria can essentially eliminate the need for pumping.

Rendering / Processing / Slaughtering Plants (RPS Plants)
EnviRemed microbial formulas have been successfully used to remediate waste lagoons connected with RPS plants. Significant benefits of using EnviRemed bacteria for remediation of waste lagoons connected with RPS plants is odor control, elimination of grease, sludge and other organic solids.

Grease Lift Stations
Over a two-month period, EnviRemed bacterial products essentially eliminated grease from the collection system and lift stations of the sewer system at Hunter Army Airfield near Savannah, GA.

EnviRemed microbial formulas have also been utilized to enhance the efficiency of the aeration basin at that facility. A third bacterial product was used to reduce waste sludge created by aeration process and to allow more efficient decanting of their sludge retention tanks. The microbial formulas used by Hunter Army Airfield were concurrently used by Fort Stewart, GA for the treatment of grease traps and lift stations in sewage collection system. Fort Stewart, GA is the largest US Army installation east of the Mississippi River.

Chicken Processing Plant
At an anaerobic lagoon at a Tyson Foods chicken-processing plant in Shelbyville, TN, approximately 8,000 tons of accumulated grease (a 6 foot grease cap) and somewhat over 365 tons of solids from the plant were eliminated. Daily influent to the lagoon consisted of 2.1 million gallons of wastewater, and approximately 170,000 pounds of solids, five days per week).

EnviRemed microbial formulas have also provided bacteria for remediation at three other Tyson Foods processing plants, one additional plant in Tennessee, one in Alabama and one in Missouri. In 2007 a Tyson plant in Sedalia, Missouri began treating their anaerobic lagoons, and have caused their COD effluent from the lagoons to drop 50 percent, which reduces the cost of the aerobic portion of the treatment process, and allows the anaerobic lagoons to regain their hydraulic retention time.

EnviRemed products have also been utilized for remediation of waste lagoons at a Birmingham Hide & Tallow rendering plant in Alabama, a Valley Proteins rendering plant in North Carolina, a hog slaughtering plant in North Carolina (the Pork Company), and a chicken processing plant in Delaware (Mountaire Farms).

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