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Field Operation of The DC-4500


Field operation of the portable DC-4500 is not complicated as shown in the photo but requires only careful attention to the proper assembly of the components. The electrodes and geophone are connected by a cable to the DC-4500 computer unit and placed on the ground. The seismic source is generated by either a mechanical impact such as a sledge hammer (or weight drop) or an explosive device such as a buffalo gun/12 gauge depending on the desired target depth and range of seismic acoustic wave transmission.

The DC-4500 measures the hydraulic permeability of the formation from which the degree of productive saturation can be deduced. In practice, the relative cost of measuring seismic wave velocity and the electrical resistivity of a saturated zone is much higher than profiling with the DC-4500. However, a seismic survey and DC resistivity survey can be used to augment the data developed by the DC-4500 seismoelectric technique.

Demonstrating the DC-4500
Our company is ready to demonstrate the efficacy and superior technology of the seismoelectric DC-4500 on the following bases:

  • In the Houston area, within a range of 100 miles, we will demonstrate the DC-4500 on one site for one day at no charge.
  • Outside of the Houston area we will charge a per diem rate plus travel mileage for a maximum of three days.

A prospective client can select any test site and maintain any prior test data on a strictly confidential basis. The subsequent data from the DC-4500 demonstration can then be compared to the previous test data.

A prospective client can select any site prior to the purchase of the DC-4500. We will send a field geophysical technician to conduct the seismoelectric survey and charge only the basic cost.

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