British Agricultural & Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA)

Financial Services


Business banking: Preferential business banking rates and terms in partnership with HSBC, exclusive to members. Applies to all businesses with an annual turnover of up to £10 million.

  • No monthly account maintenance fee
  • Free ATM withdrawals in the UK (some independent operators will apply a charge)
  • Telephone and Internet banking service
  • Free banking for the first 18 months (for new customers only)

Preferential card processing rates

BAGMA members can benefit from an exclusive merchant service deal with HSBC for all their credit and debit card processing needs, with exceptionally low rates and competitive monthly terminal rental.

What are the benefits?

  • No set up fee – usually £150
  • Terminal rental from £12.95 + VAT per month
  • The starting rate for face to face standard credit card transactions is 1.175%, and could be as low as 0.975%. For debit card processing the rates start at 12.50 pence per transaction.
  • Purchase with cashback at no additional charge
  • No refund fee
  • Free authorisation calls via your terminal

Plus, free terminal rental for the first three months if you are a new HSBC Merchant Services
card processing customers.

Business and personal finance

bira bank is the only trade association owned bank in the UK and specialise in finance for trade association members, offering exclusive finance solutions for BAGMA members. Every business has different financial needs, so bira bank offer a choice of flexible loan options and savings accounts to suit individual requirements. bira bank provides confidential and straightforward finance with personal and friendly contact every time.

bira bank provides competitive fixed rate loans for almost any purpose. Whether you need a new car, fleet of vans, new equipment, a shop refit or even a cash injection to meet the day to day needs of your business, then bira finance can help. You may even want to carry out home improvements or even take a well earned holiday.

bira bank also provide competitive savings accounts and tax free cash ISA’s. You can earn interest daily at a competitive rate by opening one of our savings accounts. Whether you’re saving for a nest egg or just a rainy day, bira finance have easy and secure savings opportunities that are right for you.

Cheque clearing

bira Clearing is the simple way to cut down on writing cheques, postage costs and bank charges whilst still paying all your suppliers on time, every time. All you have to do is complete one form and send it with a remittance advice for each supplier being paid, together with a single cheque for the total amount, then let bira clearing do the rest. It’s that easy! bira clearing will ensure that all your suppliers are paid on time to meet any appropriate discount terms.

What are the benefits?

Think of the time it takes you to pay your suppliers each month. Can you really afford to ignore a service that allows you to do this in a more cost effective way?

Have you ever considered what it costs to pay your suppliers in terms of bank charges, stationery, and postage?

Suppliers are assured of regular payment dates and the convenience of receiving consolidated payments.

The regular payment dates can aid cash flow, budgeting and even help you negotiate better discounts from your suppliers.

Point of Sale consumer finance

Attractive and flexible point of sale, interest free finance packages for members with major providers and a seamless application process.

Stakeholder & pension consultancy

A simple and flexible low cost pension plan with negotiated rates with HSBC bank, exclusive to members and their employees.

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