Flexography Services


Flexography is a type of printing which uses flexible printed forms and rather high flow paint. Technological features of flexographic machines allow printing on a huge range of materials virtually without any restrictions: all kinds of paper and cardboard, metal foil, adhesive and textile materials. Nowadays, thanks to the constant improvement of the quality and stability of the resulting prints, cost savings and flexibility, flexography is one of the most popular types of printing in film packaging.

The main consumers, who order flexoprints:

  • household chemical products manufacturers,
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers,
  • petrochemical manufacturers,
  • alcohol manufacturers,
  • food manufacturers, etc.

The polyethylene products plant LLC “Planeta Plastic” prints on all kinds of packaging materials (polyethylene film, sleeves, folded sleeves, polypropylene, stretch film (new), self-adhesive materials, metallized and pearl polypropylene, etc.), as well as warning tapes. We print both on our own and customer materials using the flexographic method (up to 4 colors). High-quality paintwork materials, modern equipment, knowledge and professionalism of our staff ensure the best quality of our printed products.

Basic printing parameters:

  • maximum print width up to 1,280 mm;
  • maximum width of the printed material up to 1360 mm;
  • thickness range from 0.012 to 0.360 mm;
  • number of colors of 1 to 4;
  • reverse printing 2+2 or 3+1;
  • roll diameter – upon request;
  • material surface activation.

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