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Food Safety & Quality


The events of Sept. 11, 2001, revealed the vulnerability of our nation and underscored the need for countermeasures to terrorist threats. We at AmeriSci started working to ensure the availability of safe and effective countermeasures.

In 2003, AmeriSci Bio-Chem started offering microbiology services to multiple food industries across the US, and now in Asia. It is a mission at AmeriSci to protect the safety and wholesomeness of food before it hits the world's food chain.

The testing of raw ingredients, environmental samples, and finished products provides our clients with effective data about their in-house quality and safety before it goes to market.

We adhere to all FDA and USDA testing guidelines for the safety of everyone, and we have been accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

AmeriSci Standards

Standard methods include: USDA (MLG), FDA (BAM) and AOAC Official Methods of Analysis


AmeriSci Bio-Chem complies with ISO 17025

The AmeriSci Bio-Chem

Microbiology Laboratory has the capability to analyze all the major food-related pathogenic microorganisms.   more...

Product types range

from raw product through to finished goods. Examples include cooked and raw meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, dairy products, ready-to-eat meals, and all types of beverages.

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