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FPS Calibration Service


Dekati® FPS service program consists of two levels of services including continuous maintenance and service performed by the operator of the instrument, and FPS Factory Calibration Service performed at Dekati factory. Proper operation of the FPS can be ensured by following continuous maintenance instructions given in the FPS user manual. Additional Factory Calibration Service should be performed every four years to verify accurate and reliable operation of the instrument.

Dekati® FPS Calibration Service ES-4000
FPS calibration service includes thorough overhaul and recalibration of the FPS unit. This service includes:

Arrival inspection

  • Visual inspection of the complete unit in its arrival condition
  • Visual inspection of the probe including ejector and primary diluter

Service and calibration

  • Cleaning of the FPS probe in ultrasonic bath
  • Calibration of the sensors (temperature, pressure and mass flow sensors)
  • Instrument operation check including checking of PID values, analogue in/out operation and validation test operation
  • Measurement of critical valve flows
  • Measurement of ejector inlet flow at 1013 mbar abs pressure for all ejector valve combinations
  • Dilution factor calibration
  • Leakage test


  • Service report
  • Calibration data sheet

FPS calibration service includes replacement of damaged consumables including connectors and pressurized air lines. Other damaged parts will be invoiced separately.

Dekati FPS Calibration Service with extra nozzle ES-4001
FPS calibration service with extra nozzle includes Dekati FPS Calibration Service with a new ejector noz zle:

  • Dekati FPS Calibration Service ES-4000 with the new ejector nozzle
  • New ejector nozzle

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