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Advanced Technologies for Unique Solutions. Lakes Environmental provides a wide variety of services in the areas of air dispersion modeling, human health and ecological risk assessment, emissions inventory, compliance, as well as emergency release.

Off-the-Shelf Software Solutions

Lakes Environmental provides several off-the-shelf environmental software solutions that are used by thousands of modelers worldwide. Our software products, cover five major categories of air quality to best satisfy your air quality modeling needs. These software packages are continually updated with the latest in science and technology.

Custom IT Solutions

Lakes Environmental has extensive experience in custom IT projects.  Our advanced technologies are routinely implemented worldwide to provide unique solutions to complex problems. The customized IT solutions team includes a wide range of experts from an array of disciplines, from computer scientists and engineers to atmospheric scientists.

Modeling Runs

Lakes Environmental is able to run AERMOD modeling projects using the powerful capabilities of a Cray Super Computer.  This service utilizes our AERMOD MPI parallel code to run AERMOD projects in a fraction of the time it would take on a standard desktop computer. This is an exciting new service that allows us to run your projects quickly and conveniently.

Meteorological Data Processing

Lakes Environmental offers a service providing modeled meteorological data for any location in the world.  We obtain this data by running the MM5 (5th-generation Mesoscale Model) model for a specified location and site domain. Data is offered in both AERMET and CALMET data formats.

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