KMS Technologies/KJT Enterprises, Inc.

Geophysical Advisory Services


Our consultants combine experience in service (small and large) companies and oil companies with strong academic backgrounds. KMS Technologies has been involved in developing advanced 3-D modeling software for induction logging and borehole gravity. Also, key scientific guidance was given to a major services company in developing borehole resistivity and borehole seismic tools and services.

KMS Technologies personnel were involved in developing commercial inversion software for surface geophysics and borehole logging. Numerous borehole, surface and airborne electromagnetic modeling developments were developed under KMS Technologies guidance.

Translating geophysical theory and concepts to working systems which include data acquisition and processing and even interpretation and training is one of the specialties of KMS Technologies. Analyzing logs using modeling and inversion has been one of our secondary business lines. Our staff has been pioneering this in the US, Europe and Russia.

KMS continues to provide consulting in electrical geophysics and borehole geophysics and specializes in MT (Magnetotellurics), LOTEM (Long Offset Transient Electromagnetics), borehole seismic, and logging. We have well over 100 man years experience involving system development and surveys in USA, Europe, India, China, Africa and Australia.

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