PTS Laboratories, Inc.

PTS Laboratories, Inc.

Geotechnical and Construction Related Soil Tests Services



Our geotechnical and construction related testing capabilities round out the Physical Properties and Index Parameters category. Many analyses require undisturbed samples of 2” or 2-1/2' diameter or greater. Bulk or grab samples may suffice for other tests. PTS can work with core diameters of 1” diameter or less in many instances. Contact your PTS Laboratories customer service representative for more information and a testing fee summary.

  • Atterberg Limits (ASTM D4318)
  • Consolidation (ASTM D2435)
  • Direct Shear (ASTM D3080)
  • Triaxial Compression (various)
  • Unconfined Compression (ASTM D2166)
  • Expansion Index (ASTM D4829)
  • Minimum Resistivity Index (CalTrans 532)
  • Moisture/Density or Compaction (standard and modified Proctor) (ASTM D698 or D1557)
  • Sample Remolding (proprietary)
  • USCS Soil Classification; Engineering (ASTM D2487)
  • USCS Soil Classification; Visual/Manual (ASTM D2488)

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