TERA Environmental Consultants

GIS and Spatial Database Management


TERA provides comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services including cartography, spatial analysis and database management to support critical business, land use and regulatory decision-making. Our Cartographers and GIS Specialists utilise the most current software including Esri ArcGIS, ArcSDE, Visual Nature Studio, Sketchup, Adobe Illustrator and New Century Alignment Sheet Software. At TERA, we integrate SPOT5 satellite imagery, Information Handling Services (IHS), and government data sources as well as field data, collected by our team, to provide cartographic products and GIS analysis to support our consulting services and external clients' business needs.

The GIS services we provide include:

  • Cartography including maps, graphics, design drawings and profiles
  • Environmental, timber and post-construction alignment sheets
  • Site/route selection
  • Right-of-way constraint metrics
  • Least impact route analysis
  • Quantitative impact and cumulative effects assessments
  • Spatial database modelling
  • Wildlife habitat modelling
  • Imagery analysis and stereo photo interpretation
  • Visual simulations and Impact Assessments
  • 3D modelling, route fly-throughs
  • Web-based GIS application development, web mapping
  • Maps, graphics and other large format products

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