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Microbial Products for Grease Traps & Interceptors. An Eco-friendly, Cost Effective and Easy-To-Use Alternative to Grease Maintenance. Grease Trap MaintenanceRestaurants, food processing plants and other applications using grease traps and interceptors now have an eco-friendly, cost effective and easy to use alternative to grease maintenance with Advance Bio-Block.

An on-campus restaurant at Columbia University in New York City was the test site for a potential distributor in New York. The regular grease trap maintenance included pumping approximately eight inches of grease out monthly.

The pressure was on as the head of food services for the university, as well as the head of the Department of Microbiology stood by doubtingly. In fact, after Bio-Block was installed they had the grease trap professionally sealed off so no one could open it before the opening date, one month later.

On the morning of the opening, with the head of food services, and the Microbiology Dept head eagerly standing by, the seal was cut. The first clue of success was no odour. When the lid was completely removed all that was present was clear water, and the sight of the Bio-Block suspended below the surface.

Needless to say, the University is now benefiting from using Bio-Block in all twenty-two restaurants on campus.

Eliminate ugly grease trap problems, dosage maintenance issues and regulatory concerns forever. Advance Bio-Blockâ„¢ is proven effective in reducing odours, sludge, fats, oils, and grease buildup naturally, without the use of toxic chemicals.

Made from a blend of naturally occurring, highly adapted, super-tough microbes, specifically designed for dealing with the difficult organic problems present in grease trap environments, the advantages to using Bio-Blockâ„¢ over conventional treatment methods are numerous.

Easy to use, Bio-Blockâ„¢ automates grease trap maintenance, eliminates the need for metering pumps, cuts labor costs, and in most cases the need for pump-outs is completely eliminated. Bio-Blockâ„¢ provides continuous 24-hour treatment and degradation of waste, and is economical to use.

Developed by a team of engineers and microbiologists over the past ten years, our proven effective products use robust, specifically identified and naturally occurring microbes that ingest specific waste products. Simply suspend the unique block into the treatment area where it gradually dissolves with little attention over a 90-day period. The microbes immediately begin eating the grease molecules as food, and expel harmless H2O and CO2 in the process.

Our cutting edge products are safe, cost effective and control odour. They can easily replace conventional chemical-based products, which are often less effective, harder to use and damaging to the environment.

Distributors Put Bio-Block to the Test

A potential distributor in the Seattle, Washington area wanted to prove the effectiveness of Bio-Block prior to recommending the product to their clients. The chosen test subject was Spuds Restaurant, a 24/7 pasta-type restaurant with an exceptionally high maintenance grease trap.

Spuds had been forced to clean their grease trap every two days, and paid for Roto-rooter to unblock their drain line to their public sewer approximately every six weeks.

Bio-Block was installed in front of the potential distributor and the restaurant owner on a Monday morning. (Remember … they would normally clean the grease trap every second day.) Seven days later we took the lid off the trap. There was no smell or grease present - just clear water. Thirty days later they conducted the same test, with the same amazing results!

Spuds restaurant has not cleaned their grease trap since the first installation of Bio-Block over three years ago, nor have they needed the services of Roto-Rooter because Bio-Blocks microbes cleaned the sewer line of grease and sludge clear to the street level.

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