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Since 2006, EBA, A Tetra Tech Company (EBA), has been providing Greenhouse Gase (GHG) quantification, validation, verification, offset project development, and related climate change advisory services to leading industry and public sector clients with proven practical and balanced approaches to stewardship and sustainable development.EBA believes each client project is specific and requires a dedicated technical and managerial team to achieve the greatest degree of success.EBA’s GHG Group works closely with the client, regulators, participants, and other project teams, including our environmental engineering professionals to deliver integrated and cost-effective project solutions. Our services have included quantifying GHG inventories and verifying reports in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, California, Texas, and Colorado.

EBA’s GHG Services
Our comprehensive knowledge of federal, provincial, and municipal environmental legislation and guidelines enables us to provide accurate and timely advice to our clients and to successfully obtain permits, licences, and approvals through:

  • Quantifying and reporting GHG emissions.
  • Providing Life Cycle Assessment.
  • Developing environmental data management systems.
  • Verifying GHG reports and GHG Baseline Intensities.
  • Designing and implementing GHG reduction projects and monetizing offsets.
  • Validating and verifying GHG offset projects under the following programs.
  • BC Emission Offset Regulations.
  • Specified Gas Emitters Regulation, Alberta Offset System.
  • Climate Change Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC).
  • International Standards Organization (14064:2).
  • Climate Action Reserve.
  • Voluntary Carbon Standard.
  • Western Climate Initiative.
  • The Climate Registry.
  • Gold Standard.
  • Clean Development Mechanism.
  • Determining carbon risk and opportunity assessments.
  • Training on methods and standards, regulations and carbon markets.
  • Providing support in development of RFPs.

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