BHR Group Limited

BHR Group Limited

High Pressure Engineering Services


BHR Group provides independent and impartial expert advice on the design and operation of high-pressure fluid power equipment and other hydraulic systems under critical conditions or in hazardous environments. We are one of the few independent organisations able to tackle high pressure engineering projects.  Uniquely we are one of the few companies able to provide both theoretical high pressure system design through computational modelling and the practical laboratory facilities to test and validate designs, all complemented with our decades of high pressure fluid engineering expertise.

We provide both desk and site-based consultancy services covering the development, manufacture and performance of fluid systems products and processes including:
  • On-site engineering assessments 
  • Design reviews and technical audits
  • Concept design development and assessment
  • Validation testing and/or numerical simulation
  • Development of engineering guidelines
  • Development of industrial best practices
  • Failure analysis and condition assessment
  • In-house and on-site training

  • Friction, lubrication and wear 
  • Sealing, containment and emissions
  • Functional materials and coatings
  • Fluid-material interactions 
  • Fluid flow and assurance
  • Fluid power and fluid hydraulics
  • High pressure engineering
  • Hydraulic cycling, stress and fatigue
  • Abrasive water jet-cutting and cleaning
  • Fluid borne noise and vibration

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