Pure Water Scandinavia AB

Pure Water Scandinavia AB

High Quality and Safe Distribution Services

Hospitals go from renvattenanläggningar in every department of central plants that supply the entire property. It ensures the production and distribution of potable water of high quality. It also provides lower operating costs.

This development can be seen everywhere in healthcare;from hospitals and hospitals in the provinces of internationally renowned healthcare and research. PWS is a supplier to all of them. 

PWS handles everything from planning to construction, installation, commissioning and service. Both in terms renvattenanläggningar as piping up to dishwashers, autoclaves and water taps. 

With PWS Cubo series came Plug and Play technology to renvattenvärlden and hospitals for the first time. CUBO is a compact pure water plant with touch screen, monitoring the Internet and components for reliability and economic efficiency. Customer Example: Falu hospital. Gävle Hospital. Karolinska Hospital. Linköping University Hospital. Malmö General Hospital. Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg. Trondheim University Hospital.Umeå University Hospital. Vrinnevisjukhuset, Norrkoping.

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