KRR ProStream

KRR ProStream

High Temperature Camera Inspection Services

In modern power and process plants the need may arise to inspect internal equipment that is usually only accessible during shut down conditions. A variety of circumstances can create a requirement for this type of inspection, such as pressure drops, tube leaks or suspected component failures. Closing down a section of the plant (such as a boiler, furnace or flue gas cleaning unit) to enable inspection can have serious financial implications, yet traditional inspection cameras are unable to survive in the hostile environments (high temperature/corrosive atmospheres) that occur when plants are online.

KRR View provides a unique solution for viewing the interior of generating plant whilst it is online. Using state-of-the-art video technology designed specifically to operate at temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees, high temperature camera inspection is the only way to investigate issues in hostile and often difficult to see online generating environments. Plant components that can be viewed using high temperature cameras include furnace walls, fluidised beds, tube bundles and FGT equipment. Key features and benefits include:

  • Widely applicable for inspecting furnaces, boiler walls, tubes and flue gas treatment and more
  • Allows rapid investigation of problem areas
  • Provides accurate assessment of work for planned maintenance shut downs
  • Ensures remedial work and online cleaning has been effective
  • High-quality video images can be viewed in real time on our 17-inch display and stored for later analysis
  • Commentary can be recorded during filming for future reference
  • Minimal access required

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