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Does it require maintenance?. With the exception of a small filter within the property being cleaned once a year the system is totally maintenance free. The main filters on the roof are automatically cleaned by back pressure being put into the system. Remember By capturing the water at source we can gravity feed the complete building.

This means there is no need for:

  • Underground storage tanks
  • Pumps
  • Complicated electronics
  • Electrical supply
  • Digging out and concreting in of storage tank

So apart from 1 filter the system is maintenance free

All our Rainwater systems come with a 5 year guarantee

Is my home suitable?

  • Rainwater Harvesting isn’t just for new homes. Systems can just as easily be installed into an existing property.
  • If you have a pitch roof, you can harvest rainwater from it.
  • Rainwater Harvesting has been around for hundreds of years by collecting water in pond, lakes and reservoirs.
  • In more recent time thousands of homeowners already harvest rainwater by connecting a water butt to their gutter’s downpipe for watering the garden.

But remember

Atlas rainwater harvesting is not like any other water harvesting system. We do not have to:

  • Dig holes in your garden for tanks (our system fits in the roof space)
  • No excavated materials to go on site
  • No electronics needed to run the system (control boxes)
  • No electricity supply
  • No pipework between the house to tanks
  • No drainage work for tanks
  • No Mains water supply into the garden for topping up the tank

With Atlas we simply install the tanks in the roof space and connect to the plumbing and our patented roof water catcher

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