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Hydro-Geochemical Assessment Services

Hazardous waste affects all aspects of our environment (i.e., air, water, and soil) and, therefore, requires a multi-disciplined approach to problem resolution. Knoll has performed remedial services for many and varied hazardous waste projects affecting ground water and soils, including, but not limited to, small spills from drums, leaking underground storage tanks, discovery of illegal dump sites, 1900´s era foundries and 'brownfield sites'.

Environmental Site Assessments

  • Preliminary Site Assessment (PSA) and Phase I and Phase II ASTM Environmental Site Assessments assure facility compliance and provide bank approved property transactions. Knoll employs the most stringent criteria and documentation in accordance with ASTM site assessment standards and local regulations.

Hydrogeologic Contamination Assessment

  • Historical assessment and geologic mapping of project location.
  • Geophysical Exploration and Mapping.
  • Leachate Plume Delineation.
  • Subsurface explorations through boring/monitoring well design and installation.
  • Multimedia sampling and analysis of soil, soil gases, surface water, ground water and indoor air.
  • Comparison of sample analyses to local and federal environmental criteria.
  • Development and reporting of findings to appropriate regulatory agencies.
  • Establishment of criteria to assure current and future water quality and quantity.

Ground Water Assessment and Remediation

  • Identification and evaluation of methods to remediate the single/multi-faceted problems. Method(s) include, vapor extraction, single well to multi-well ground water/oil recovery systems for: non-aqueous phase liquids, NAPL's, such as fuel oils and gasoline; dense non-aqueous phase liquids, DNAPL's, such as solvents (PCE, TCE, etc.); and soluble petroleum related compounds.
  • Design and implementation of ground water remediation systems for natural geologic substances such as heavy metals, radio-chemicals, etc.

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