Hydroblasting Services

EnviroVac provides hydro blasting services with 10k, 20k, and 40k psi options, including high volume water blasting.  We also offer automated hydro blasting.

Throughout the Southeast The Clean Company is recognized as the leading service contractor for boiler and air preheater cleaning.  Our staff brings more than 100-years of combined experience to the job. EnVirovac hydro blasting experts customize each job to match your plant-specific requirements.  We designed and engineered our automated online de-slagging process, and routinely clean operating power station boilers, eliminating costly down time in periods of high electricity requirements.  We have reduced down times by more than 50% in some cases. Our top-of-the-line high volume pumps and multi-generational experience enable us to accept the most demanding boiler cleaning projects.

In 2015, EnviroVac committed to being the safest and most innovative hydro blasting company in the United States. We have automated over 1000 applications to date. This commitment to technology has allowed us to remove the worker from the harsh environment, increasing productivity and optimizing our safety directives in the OSHA VPP Star Program.

Hydro Blasting Applications:

  • Air Pre-Heater Cleaning – 4 Beam Capacity
  • On-Line “Clinker” Removal
  • On-Line Bottom Ash Cleaning
  • Non-Entry Tank Cleaning
  • Smelt Bed Removal
  • Large Pipe Cleaning with Automated Hose Reel

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