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EnviRemed can remediate oil from water and soil. Using naturally occurring, environmentally-friendly microbial blends, it is possible to greatly increase the natural degradation time. When hydrocarbons are under attack by microbes, it has been proven that the more easily biodegradable substances disappear first, and at a high rate.

Required indigenous microbes that are capable of reaching the remediation goal may or may not be present in any given situation. EnviRemed’s remediation formula contains all the required microbes to complete all hydrocarbon remediation tasks, from crude oil to light refined fractions, to include halogenated hydrocarbons of many types.

HCF700 has been approved by the State of Florida EPA for use in groundwater remediation of hydrocarbons. It has also been listed by the US EPA in the National Contingency Plan Product Schedule (under the name BioPetro) for remediation of crude oil in salt water in inland waterways.

EnviRemed can remediate a wide spectrum of hydrocarbon contamination from crude oil, BTEX, diesel, gasoline and even used motor oil to light refined fractions. EnviRemed microbes are effective in:

  • In Situ & Ex Situ soil remediation
  • Groundwater & Surface Water

We provide a microbial formulation with balanced metabolic pathways which is a complete complement of microbes required for the mineralization of the hydrocarbon substrates. Several dozen species of microbes, known for their ability to degrade hydrocarbons, have been selected to totally degrade the components of the hydrocarbon substrate. It is also true that the more recalcitrant substances may take a longer period of time than the easier substances to biodegrade, even with the microbes that are capable of remediating them. The introduction of EnviRemed HCF700 microbes substantially increases the rate of mineralization of these more recalcitrant substrates.

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