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In-House Repair– Industrial Ozone Generator


Oxidation Tech can repair nearly all Industrial Ozone Generators back to original specifications. Many Ozone Generators have been built/integrated by ozone companies that either no longer exist, or offer no repair services. In these cases, we are able to help. We will repair many obsolete Ozone Generators from manufactures that do and do not exist today. Of course, we would also be glad to repair any current models of Ozone Generator. Our experience and knowledge allows us to repair your Ozone Generator in a timely manner at a very competitive cost.

Many Ozone Generators today use the same internal components provided by only a handful of manufacturers. There are relatively few Ozone Generators that are manufactured from completely exclusive components. Therefore, repairs of many brands of Ozone Generators use the same internal components. Also, there are now aftermarket parts available to replace the commonly used components in many Ozone Generators. So, before you give up on that older Ozone Generator, or are told your Ozone Generator is obsolete, give us a call!

Our in-house repair labor rates for Industrial Ozone Generators = $75/hour.

We do not charge a fee for diagnostics of your Ozone Generator. We will diagnose the repair and quote a repair price for your Ozone Generator at no cost. If you decide not to repair the Ozone Generator we will only charge for return shipping of your equipment.

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