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In-House Service & Calibration


Traceable calibration for sound level meters, noise monitors, vibration meters and acoustic calibrators. Cirrus Research offers a world-class service for instruments from all manufacturers. Maintaining the accuracy of your noise and vibration instruments is essential in order to protect people from the risks excessive exposure can pose. Cirrus Research offers a world-class calibration service that is so much more than a simple field calibration that can be performed yourself; every single component of your instrument will be tested both acoustically and electrically, and every parameter that it measures is verified to ensure absolute accuracy. Regular calibration is important to guarantee the reliability of the data your instrument captures, as well as to remain compliant with health and safety legislation. For more information on our traceable calibration service or to book your instruments in, please get in touch with our friendly UK-based in-house calibration team.

If you’re using noise or vibration measurement instruments that need to meet particular standards, regulations or guidelines, it’s essential that your equipment is measuring accurately, to ensure that your data is reliable.

It’s also important to ensure your data is reliable so that any decisions you take based on what you’ve captured, are the right decisions.

  • Quick turnaround
  • Fixed price policy with no hidden extras
  • Price includes updates, minor repairs* and adjustments
  • All instruments calibrated from all major manufacturers

  • Sound level meters
  • Acoustic calibrators
  • Vibration meters
  • Noise dosimeters
  • Outdoor noise monitors
  • Permanently-fixed noise monitors (these may require a site visit)

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