In-Situ Bioremediation Services

XDD is a full-service environmental consulting firm specializing in the design, treatability testing, and full-scale application of in situ soil and groundwater remediation technologies. We have extensive experience at petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbon sites across the U.S. using in situ biodegradation (ISB) technologies (including both biostimulation and bioaugmentation techniques).

Biostimulation involves adding reagents to the subsurface to stimulate native bacteria growth to promote contaminant destruction. For many aerobically degradable contaminants, simple oxygen is the primary limiting factor (although pH buffer compounds and nutrients may sometimes be required).

XDD has engineered many biosparging systems, along with some of the largest 100% oxygen gas biosparging systems in the country, designed specifically for highly impacted sites. For many anaerobically degradable contaminants, optimal conditions for ISB can be established by distributing an organic substrate throughout the targeted treatment area. XDD can design and apply short-term (e.g. lactate) and long-term electron donors (e.g. vegetable oil, emulsified vegetable oil [EOS]) to provide a robust enhancement to the indigenous anaerobic bacteria for common chlorinated solvents.

In some cases, the native bacteria may not be able to degrade the target contaminants. In these cases, XDD can supply and apply a range of bioaugmentation cultures designed to provide a suitable bacteria population, or to supplement the existing bacteria population and expedite remediation.

Biotreatabilty / Microcosm Studies
In 2013, XDD acquired the laboratory equipment and microbial cultures from Bioremediation Consultants, Inc. (BCI), incorporating one of the premier biotreatability laboratories in the country with XDD's own treatability laboratory. XDD can now provide in-house anaerobic and aerobic microcosm studies using site-specific soils and groundwater in support of our designs to offer a complete ISB design package.

These studies often include bioaugmentation from XDD's unique and expansive library of both aerobic and anaerobic microbial cultures. The anaerobic cultures include several unique strains of dehalococoides and dehalobacter that were customized by BCI for challenging environments including brackish waters, low pH, and high contaminant concentrations. The aerobic cultures include etheneotrophs, methanotrophs and cultures capable of oxidizing vinyl chloride without ethane or methane.

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