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Indoor Air Quality

Anson Environmental has worked with some of Long Island’s largest employers who occupy hospitals, factories and office buildings. Anson Environmental also works with individual homeowners.


Here is a real life example of how Anson helped with Indoor Air Quality
Problem: Employees have symptoms of bloody noses, rashes, itchy skin and nausea and lightheadedness. Fewer employees report urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal disorders. After employees faint and fire fighters evacuate the building of the 240 people, this major Long Island employer calls Anson Environmental Ltd. to investigate the causes and develop solutions. The employer will not let the employees return until the work space is safe.

Approach and Solution:
Approach: Anson Environmental begins by sampling air quality for particulates, CO, CO2, relative humidity, temperature, bacteria and mold, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. Work surfaces are sampled for particulates, bacteria and mold. Drinking water supplies are tested for bacteria and volatile organic compounds.

The material safety data sheets for all cleaning products are reviewed to determine which have hazardous components that could adversely effect the air quality.

Solution: Anson Environmental works closely with senior management and their legal council to develop a strategy to prevent further deterioration of staff morale, to investigate the causative agents and develop methods to clean the building and improve conditions and prevent future episodes of sick building syndrome.

Anson Environmental coordinates investigative activities with Suffolk County Department of Health Services, OSHA, company legal council, medical consultants and HVAC engineers and cleaning contractors.

All HVAC ducts and returns air plenum are HEPA vacuumed and cleaned with a bioaerosol spray. Several of the cleaning products are replaced with solutions that do not contain hazardous compounds that can become airborne.

Drinking water supplies are replaced to reduce bacteriological contamination and improve drinking water quality.

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