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Planning Services


Illingworth & Rodkin provides consultation to planning entities in the design and placement of noise sensitive and noise generating uses. We prepare background noise studies, general plan noise elements, and related noise sections and provide expert consultation in the development of noise element and ordinance policies. We conduct noise-monitoring surveys to document existing baseline conditions, calculate future traffic noise contours based on traffic volume predictions, and prepare technical noise reports. Noise levels generated by commercial, industrial, and other noise sources are calculated based on information obtained on the specification, operation, and location of the noise source. We also have the capacity to generate noise contour maps using SoundPLAN, which can be input directly into a jurisdiction’s GIS database. We also develop new and revise existing noise element and ordinance policies and prepare noise sections.

Available Services

  • General Plan updates
  • Noise monitoring surveys and documentation of baseline conditions
  • Community noise contour mapping with 3-Dimensional capabilities
  • Development or revisal of noise policies, guidelines and ordinances
  • Community noise control planning and ordinances
  • Layout and building orientation recommendations for separation of noise generating and noise sensitive areas

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