Meridionale Impianti s.p.a (MI)

Industrial Services


Extensive experience in providing services for any industrial demand: Every need is catered for, from the design of spaces to the manufacture of delivery systems for gas, chemicals and industrial facilities, till materials provisioning and costomer's budget control.

The best partner for any system and service need

Experience, skills, flexibility and know-how make Meridionale Impianti the ideal partner for any industrial service including:

  • Total Gas e Chemicals management
  • Tool Hook Up: over 3500 installations of complex processing systems for the microelectronic industry, relating to sub micron technologies
  • Design and installation of facilities panels
  • Design and construction of 'turnkey' plants for Semiconductors
  • Total Facilities Management including industrial cleaning and gardening
  • Global Maintenance Service: operation and maintenance of industrial systems (preventive, predictive and breakdowns)
  • Production and installation of energy, mechanical and bumping systems
  • Installation and maintenance of building components, HVAC, fire protection, electric systems, lighting, telephone and voice; water distribution systems.

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