A. S. A. Abfall Service AG

A. S. A. Abfall Service AG

Industry Services


.A.S.A. runs branches in the east, south and north of Austria, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Other countries in Eastern and South-East Europe will be coming on stream soon, which puts the company well on its way to providing proximate services to its more than 15,000 industrial customers.

 Service overview

  • Creation of waste-management concepts
  • Concepts and solutions for individual sectors
  • Collection and transport with special vehicles
  • Disposal of production waste
  • Treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes
  • Collection and acceptance of packaging materials
  • Construction site service and disposal services
  • Cleaning services / park maintenance
  • Container and skip hire
  • Street cleaning / cleaning of car-parking facilities
  • Disposal of fuel gas cleaning residues
  • Waste-management in industrial companies

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