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Belgis Biotech Laboratories

Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis Service

Feasibility studies for qualitative or/and quantitative purposes.Development and validation of methods.Construction, maintenance, exploitation and updating of databases.Parameter prediction on unknown samples following our models.Construction and maintenance of network of spectrometers.Transfer of calibration models between instruments from the same spectrometer model or from different spectrometer models/brands.Validation of spectroscopic methods (ISO 17025).Spectroscopic ( UV, NIR, MIR and Raman) and Chemometrics (exploratory and regression methods) consultancy.Redaction of reports, technical notes, scientific papers, national and international projects.Organisation of workshops and customized trainings.


1) Instruments :

NIR : FOSS-Nirsystems (7) & Tecator (1) ; Perten (2) ; Zeiss Corona (2) ; Bruker-MPA (1) & MatrixF (2) ; Buchi-NIRFlex 500 (1) ; Buchi-NIRmaster (1); Ocean Optics (3) ; Phazir-Polychromix (2) ; Thermo-Fisher Antaris (1) ; Unity Scientific spectrastar 2400 (1) ; Bruker Hyperion NIR microscope (1) ; JDSU (1) ; Malvern Instrument Ltd-Matrix NIR (NIR hyperspectral plane scan camera) (1); Specim Ltd-SWIR camera (NIR hyperspectral line scan camera) (1) MIR and Raman : Bruker Vertex 70 (MIR & FT-Raman) (1); Bruker Hyperion MIR microscope (1)


2) Software:

General platforms:

Matlab, Unscrambler, Stastistica

Specific software :

Foss : Dos ISI, WinISI, IsiScan, Mosaïque, Rina network

Bruker :Opus

Buchi : NirCal

Unity : Calibration Workshop, UCAL

Perten : Unscrambler - Simplicity

Zeiss Corona: Grams


3) Expertise in chemometrics:

Discrimination models: PCA (principal component analysis), PLS-DA (partial least squares discriminant analysis), CA (Cluster Analysis), SIMCA, LDA, QDA, SVM

Calibration models: PLS (partial least squares), MLR (multiple linear progression), ANN (artificial neural network), SVM (support vector machines)


4) Examples of applications:

As agricultural research centre, the CRA-W has developed mainly applications related to the primary production, for the feed and food industry : Fertilizers (N, P, K, Humid acids); Soils (N, C, CEC); Seeds & Phyto-sanitary Protection (single kernel analysis); Crop monitoring (N); Precision Agriculture; Nutritive value (feed & forages); Technology (flour, baking quality,…); Authenticity (chicken, orange juice, wine, olive oil, honey, beer,…); Fruits (apples, cherry, …); Dairy products (milk, cheese, …); Meat products (raw meat, sausages, hams, …); Bio-fermentation monitoring (starchàglucose); Bio-fuels; Bio-methanization; Contaminants detection (meat and bone meals, ergot, impurities,…).


5) Examples of parameters & products studied:

Models have been developed for the next parameters and products. Most of these models are not only used for academic purposes but they are used in many places in the world to do daily analyses.

Parameters: Moisture – DM; Ashes – Minerals; Fat and FA profile; Proteins (N) + Amino Acid profile; Fibres + (Total Fibre, NDF,ADF,ADL) ; Starch + amylose – amylopectin; Total Sugar + sugar profile; OMD (Organic matter digestibility) in vivo, in vitro, enzymatic; DMD (Dry matter digestibility)

Products: Forages: Fresh grass, Hay, Grass Silage, Fresh and corn silage, Corn silage; Tropical Forages; Cereals; High-protein crops: Soya, pea; High fat crops: Rapeseed, sunflower; Feed Ingredients: Cereals & by-products, Wheat bran, Soya meal, Sugar beet pulp, Meat and bone meal, Milk and whey powder; Complete feed: Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Pet food


Methodologies Referring to criteria or samples to analyse:

- Methods standardized

- Methods under accreditation ISO 17025

- Methods internally developed

- Methods developed following the criteria of the applicant

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