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Precision Sampling Inc.

Injury and Illness Monitoring Services


PSI’s behavioral-based Health and Safety program is proactive; the intent is to conduct each movement and action in such a way as to prevent accidents and to mitigate the effects of an accident should it occur. The accident and illness prevention practices are found throughout our organization, and are supplemented by site-specific Health and Safety plans.

Medical Monitoring
The medical monitoring pre pre-employment, annual, and termination examinations for all employees potentially exposed to occupational health hazards. The purpose of this program is to verify an employee's physical condition and ability to perform work activities that often include the use of protective equipment. The program also serves as an employee benefit that provides preventive medical care in helping detect early signs or symptoms of illnesses, which may or may not be related to the work environment. Participation in the medical program is deemed a condition of employment; all employees are required to sign the medical monitoring acknowledgement form.

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