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Inspections and Hazardous Waste Services


Workplace inspections, conducted by our certified HSOs, must occur at project commencement at all jobsites and on a weekly basis for longer-term projects. All worksite inspections are documented for inclusion in the project records. The inspections are revised and updated to current customer, Federal, Sate and local requirements and include PSI standard housekeeping, tailgate meetings, employee training, employee exposure monitoring, project recordkeeping, accident investigation and recordkeeping, equipment maintenance and inspection, excavation and trenching operations, compliance with SOPs, response to employee safety concerns, and specific hazard communication.

Hazardous Waste Operations Standard
The Hazardous Waste Operations Standard specifies a number of measures to be taken to protect workers at these sites. Much of our Health and Safety program is aimed at protecting workers in accordance with the guidance in this regulation. The regulation's requirements include worker training, site-specific Health and Safety plans, medical monitoring, respiratory protection, and exposure monitoring.

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